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Poor Mans Chemist: Home Chemistry

Chemistry Notes
A Home Chemists Grimoire

Poor Mans Chemist: Online

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ZLibrary Download Page for Organic Chemistry, 12th Edition
Langes Handbook of Chemistry 16th Edition
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics 96th Edition

Solubility Data Resources on the Internet

Alkaloid Solubility Data
KSP Data For Some Common Compounds

Sciencemadness Wiki Solubility Tables
What is KSP? A Simple Solubility Product Constant Tutorial
Wikipedia Solubility Table

Concentration Determination Resources on the Internet

Concentration Calculator
Concentration-Density Table & Calculator for Hydrochloric Acid
Concentration-Density Table & Calculator for Nitric Acid
Concentration-Density Table & Calculator for Potassium Hydroxide
Concentration-Density Table & Calculator for Sodium Hydroxide
Concentration-Density Table for Sulfuric Acid


Solvent Property Data on the Internet

Azeotrope Tables For Common Mixtures
Azeotrope Tables For Less Common Mixtures

Drying Agent Selection Guide
Properties of Organic Solvents
Solvent Properties

Distillation Resources on the Internet

Azeotrope Tables For Common Mixtures
Azeotrope Tables For Less Common Mixtures

Pyrotechnics Resources on the Internet


Miscellaneous Chemistry Resources on the Internet

Atomic Radii of the Elements
Atomistry (older element data & inorganic synthesis protocols)
chemguide (basic instruction in chemistry)
Crystal Growing Wiki
Michael Pilgaards Periodic Table of the Elements (element data)
Molecular Weight and Unit Conversion Calculators
Organic Chemistry Portal
Periodic Table (element properties)
Periodic Table Of
Periodic Table Trends
Prep Chem Homepage
Sci-Hub Homepage (download journal articles for free)
Sciencemadness Wiki
ZLibrary (every book you will ever need for free)