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Poor Mans Chemicals on eBay
Complete Listing of Chemicals for Sale
Compound Name (Manufacturer) Amount Available Price 
Ammonium Formate (Poor Mans Chemicals) 20 Grams $10.00
Ammonium Succinate (Poor Mans Chemicals) 20 Grams $10.00
Ammonium Bromide 99.0% (T. Baker) 150 Grams $10.00
Cadmium Metal Chunks 99.9% (Unbranded) 24.5 Grams $10.00
Cadmium Sulfide, Solid Chunks/Powder (Poor Mans Chemicals) 10 Grams $10.00
Lead Acetate Trihydrate (Sigma-Aldrich, Reagent Grade) 15 Grams $10.00
Phenylacetic Acid (Poor Mans Chemicals)
Only 3 available. Please note that the US DOJ has set the
threshold amount at which a transaction becomes regulated
(either by single sale or cumulative sales) at one kilogram
for this compound in a calendar month. I have less than 20 grams total.
Appendix D - Thresholds for Regulated Transactions in List I & List II Chemicals
5 Grams $15.00
Potassium Bismuthate 10 Grams $20.00
Potassium Borohydride
Only 6 available.
5 Grams 1x = $15.00
2x = $13.50 each
3x = $12.75 each
4x or more = $12.00 each
Praseodymium(III,IV) Oxide 10 Grams $15.50
Samarium Metal Powder >99% (Unbranded) 20 Grams $20.00
Scandium Formate Hydrate (Poor Mans Chemicals) 10 Grams $10.00
Sodium Bismuthate
Only 3 available.
10 Grams 1x = $20.00
2x = $18.00 each
3x = $16.00 each
Sodium Cobaltinitrite (Poor Mans Chemicals)
Selectively precipitates K, Rb, Cs, Tl(I) and Ag(I) ions.
8 Grams $10.00
Thorium Hydroxide (Poor Mans Chemicals) 2 Gram $12.50

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